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bree bridger

makes theatre

and sometimes

other stuff, too

Hey, I'm Bree. I am a theatremaker with over ten years of experience as director and a performer. I like to tell stories, in whatever way my abilities lend themselves to the story at hand. Lately, that has looked like writing newsletters, short scripts, and novel outlines. At other times it has looked like directing new scripts and collaborating with playwrights in rehearsal spaces, including Elizabeth A. M. Keel and Brendan Bourque-Sheil; hosting and producing story-telling events; producing works with students and adults performing on stage for the first time; and immersing audiences in site-specific experiences citywide. My preferred subjects connect to the audience's heart and mind, and they explore the individual perspectives on and impacts of cultural and sociopolitical systems and histories.  

I get things done, and I have fun doing it. Want to make something together?

Recent highlights:

  • 2018: Finalist for Best Director in the Houston Press Theater Awards for Well by Lisa Kron (Mildred's Umbrella)

  • 2019 production of the Consenting Bodies festival, a weekend of staged readings of plays addressing bodily autonomy and consent (Mildred's Umbrella at Rec Room)

  • 2020 co-producer of Houston's legendary Grown Up Story Time monthly event (live & virtual)

  • 2022 director of the 50th production of Baker Shakespeare (Twelfth Night) at Rice University, celebrating the return of of student-produced Shakespeare

under construction

it's been a weird few years! i am reorganizing this website to better reflect my recent and future artistic endeavors as well as my professional goals and opportunities for collaboration. stay in touch.

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