about bree (a closer look)


Hi! I'm Bree. You probably already know a little bit about me, but you're here now, so I assume you would like to know a little more. You've come to the right place.

Right now I'm not actively looking for new work opportunities, but I'm always interested in learning more about what people are making and what they may need. If you're wondering if I'm the gal for you then keep reading.

If you like lists, start with one of these:


Inspired by research and experimentation to disarm audiences and engage in productive conversations around texts and performance, to support inclusivity in the arts and the workplace, and to enhance project success and efficiency.


Empathy, evidence and equity drive my mission-focused messaging and representation for organizations and causes imporant to me - environmental justice, food security, literacy and health among many more.


It started with UIL Ready Writing, developed with fanfiction and teenage angst-riddled poetry, and refined with research, unique voice, and dramatic structure - my writing ranges from instructional training materials to external reporting, to personal essays and memoir, to speculative fiction.


Theatre relies on artists with separate expertise and diverse styles to contribute to a unified vision with respect and trust. I bring this perspective to all that I do with peers, colleagues, friends and audiences.


2009 - 2013

Texas A&M University

BA Theatre Arts

2009 - 2013

Texas A&M University

BA Political Science

The theatre program in the Department of Performance Studies was a generalist degree with the opportunity for the student to define their own speciality with a variety of elective choices. Required coursework in acting, theatre design and production, script analysis, directing, and theatre history and research. Elective coursework in contemporary American theatre, stage management and arts administration, dramaturgy, and 20th century political entertainment. Vice President, Alpha Psi Omega honors fraternity; Blueprint Theater Company director and stage manager; Student New Works Festival director and stage manager; assorted production credits. English department coursework in Shakespeare, modern dramatic texts, and world literature.

Focused on comparative politics (one study abroad short of completing a certification in this area), completing required coursework in research methods and quantitative analysis and supplemented with coursework in modern European government and politics, public opinion and gender perceptions in American politics, international political economy, and international conflict and political violence. Studied Russian language (four semesters), anthropology and psychology.