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Selected Directing Work

Mildred's Umbrella, 2018


This not-so-well-made meta-theatrical semi-autobiographical didactic presentation toggles between community action and civil rights in the 1960s, treatment of chronic illness in the 1980s, and a mother-daughter relationship in present day. In the spirit of the play that falls apart, we played with expanding the space of the performance into the house and exterior of the theatre, and crafted a code to the levels of the narrative. (Gentle Bear Photography)
This production was accompanied by an audience engagement piece, What Makes You Well

Set & Props: Shelby Blocker; Lights: Greg Starbird; Costumes: Jodie Tannahill; Sound: John Peeples; SM: Amanda Guerrero; Dramaturg: Michelle James

Houston Press | BroadwayWorld

Houston Press Theatre Awards 2018 Nominee: Best Play, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director

Shunya Theatre, MATCH, 2017


Matriarch of a Bengali-British family, Priya has very recently passed and has three days to roam the earth to make amends before her spirit moves on to the waiting room. Presented with an audience on two sides, with many first-time actors, this production is the first from Shunya since 2013. Shunya's mission is to promote the stories of the South Asian experience in Houston.
Set & Props: Lee O Barker; Light: Kris Phelps; Costume: Bree Bridger; Sound: John Peeples; SM: Neha Singhal



Rice Players, Hamman Hall, 2017


Equal parts 1660s bawdy comedy and 1960s slamming-doors spy hijinks sitcom, OR, tells the mostly true story of Aphra Behn, the first known professional woman playwright in English. Taking course mostly over one night, the student ensemble, dramaturg and I expanded on the fascinating details of the historical figures with a devised pantomimed prelude summarizing events up to the beginning of the play. (IAIV Photography)
Set: Antonia Brown; Lights: Nonie Hilliard; Costumes: Lindsay Burns; Sound: Justin Bernard; Properties: Sierra Beckstorm; SM: Lilah Muthusamy, Sarasota Serulneck; Producer: Nathaniel Williams

Firecracker Productions, Freneticore Theater, 2016


Blueprint Theatre, Texas A&M University, 2012


The season theme for 2012 Blueprint Season was "Comic Books and Super Heroes". Drawing parallels between greek mythology and western comic book mythos, this production drew on graphic novel aesthetics and tropes to bring a contemporary retelling of legend firmly into a modern setting. Eurydice attempts to break through the tropes to define her own story, but the system is stacked against her.
Set: Kara Poole; Costumes: Rayna Dexter; Lights: Autumn Casey; Sound & Music: Greg Salinas; SM: Autum Casey; Advisor: Amy Guerin

With permission, Firecracker adapted one of Mamet's earlier one act pieces, originally featuring two elderly men shooting the breeze in the park, to feature two women of different generations and backgrounds. Remaining true to text we explored the ways in which the dialogue was influenced by a new setting and a host of new activities, exploring ways in which the text is and is not gendered, and how the tension is changed when the anxieties and philosophical musings shared are delivered from new voices, and how the characters are similar and different.

Set and Properties: Bree Bridger; Light and Sound Design, Stage Management: Justin Guidroz.

BWW Interview: Bree Bridger Talks Directing Mamet's DUCK VARIATIONS for Firecracker Productions

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